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Conway Stewart Pens, Model Nos. 800 and above

(These pens are NOT for sale)

The figures given by each item are a suggestion as to the likely value of the item, not a price.

Metal Pocket Clip c1920's Very Good (25/$38)

csholder.dib.jpg (7785 bytes)

No name or number, Warranted nib, c 1920 Excellent (100/$160)

No name or number, 1A nib, c 1930 Excellent (60/$90)

No name or number, warranted 1A nib, c 1930 Excellent (60/$90)

International Pen c? Very Good (50/$75)

No ?  c1930  Very Good (100/$150)

No ? Duro nib c193? Very Good (100/$150)

Italic #5 nib c1958 Very Good (60/$90)

RARE Shorthand c1958, CS Shorthand 3 nib, blue clip screw Excellent (120/$180)

RARE Shorthand 103 c1960 Very Good (60/$100)

Shorthand model is denoted by a green clip screw and has a nib marked Shorthand 3

The Conway Stewart Student Fountain Pen Display Card, still shrink wrapped. c1971 Excellent (50/$80)  

The Conway Stewart Academy Fountain Pen Display Card with holder on back containing 12 boxes of 4 Blue/Black Conway Stewart Ink Cartridges c1972 Very Good (50/$80)  

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