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Conway Stewart Pens, Model Nos. 300-399  

(These pens are NOT for sale)

The figures given by each item are a suggestion as to the likely value of the item, not a price.

No 300 c1930  Very Good (60/$90)

No 301M c1930  Very Good (140/$210)

No 304 c1929-30  Very Good (100/$150)

No 306 #2 nib c1930  Very Good (60/$90)

No 312 #5 nib c1930  Excellent (100/$150)

Scribe 330 #3B nib c1930 Excellent (60/$90)

No 333 Scribe #2 nib c1930  Very Good (60/$90)

Scribe 333 c1930 Excellent (60/$90)

Scribe 336 #3B nib c1935 Very Good (60/$90 each)

cs336.dib.jpg (6884 bytes)

International 338 CS3B  nib c1935 Very Good (60/$90)

International No 350 #3B nib c1932 Excellent (60/$90)

Pixie No 353M #3 nib c1930 Excellent (100/$150)

International No 356 #1A nib c1932. Barrel also marked "Roffey & Clark Ltd, Croydon" Very Good (60/$90)

International No 356 #1A nib c1935 Very Good (60/$90)

The "Pixie" Lever Pen No 358 c1932 Excellent (80/$120)

The "International" Pen No 360 c1935 Near Mint (80/$120)

"Universal" No 368 warranted nib c1930 Near Mint (100/$150)

"Universal" No 370 Pope B'Ham nib c1930 Near Mint (60/$90)

No 372 Warranted nib (note unusual clip and lever) Very Good (80/$120)

No 380 #5N nib c1939, reversed cracked ice RARE Very Good (100/$150)

No 386 #5N nib c1939 Very Good (60/$90)

No 388 #5N nib c1952 Mint (60/$100)

The No 388 is an enigma. The 3 bands clearly show it to be a later model, actually made in the early 50's but the convex blind cap top is of the late 30's/early 40's style, as is the general shape of the pen. It was definitely not one of the wartime models.

Pixie Pen No 393M c1930 Very Good (90/$135)

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