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Conway Stewart Pens, Model Nos. 600-799 

(These pens are NOT for sale)

The figures given by each item are a suggestion as to the likely value of the item, not a price.

No 606 c1925 Mint (150/$225)

No 700 Ink Visible CS#1 nib c1939  Excellent (120/$180)

No 750 CS? nib c1930  Very Good (100/$150)

No 756M CS ? nib c1930  Excellent (100/$150)

No 757 #2 nib c1939 Excellent (60/$90) This was one of the 5 wartime models

No 759 Pen #2 nib c1939 Excellent (60/$90)

No 769M #1 nib Excellent (100/$150)

No 770 c1942 Good (120/$180)

No 770M c1942 Very Good (180/$270)

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